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Snow update 1/29/2018: We had a great week here in Steamboat Springs with a surprise powder day that showed 5” of snow at the mid-mountain snow stake but at the top of Storm Peak was 14.5” of perfect fluffy powder that was secretly stashed away.  Storm Peak is an aptly named mountain!

As in life and in skiing it all can’t be the unicorns and rainbows of powder day skiing… though I wish it could. Sometimes you get fairly long stretches of snowless days, three to four days is common but up to ten is not unusual.  These are the days of the groomer.  Those days when you wake up to look at the grooming report and then chart your trip on the hill by which runs will have the freshest corduroy.  By the way for most Steamboat visitors, groomer days are the unicorns and rainbows of skiing.  So let’s take a tour around Steamboat Ski Resort on the most perfect of groomer day. 

We must be close, I smell bacon.

Start the day early with a look at the Steamboat Resort App that has a trail map with what trails were groomed overnight.  There are a few runs that are special when they are groomed.  Rolex would be the top of these followed by Cyclone, Ted’s Ridge and One O’clock.

Up the gondola we go checking out the trail map grooming report. On to the snow in search of perfect corduroy, we shoot down Rudi’s to Storm Peak Express lift.  On the lift with necks craned to make sure that Cyclone really was groomed last night we get the smells of bacon and garlic coming from Four Points Lodge. Down we go on Storm Peak Face with the ripples of groomed snow vibrating the skis perfectly, we take a quick right by the smells of bacon and garlic again to the top of Cyclone.  This is a steep and so perfectly groomed run that there is no waiting at the top… down down down before some other soul soils the corduroy perfection.Smiling ear to ear on we go back up Storm Peak this time it is off to see the deity of groomers, Rolex! Over to Sunshine Peak, we head onto High Noon and traverse to the top of the king of watches.  Steep with perfect pitch and north-westerly facing angle, groomer skiing does not get any better than this. This drops us at Sundown Express lift to search out all the groomer delight that Sundown allows us to access.  For those wanting a little less steep of pitch head over to Sunshine lift or take another run to Sundown Express by way of One O’Clock or the always sunny West Side.  As with a powder day, the groomers get beaten up pretty much by noon.  So get up and out and early to find the untracked groomer.   

Rolex Clock
Looking Ahead This Week:

Snowy pattern returning to Steamboat so we should see snow almost every day from Wednesday on… wooooohoooo!

Local Tip:

Get the Steamboat Resort app on your phone.  The trail map grooming report is on there as is temperature from the base, mid-mountain and summit of the resort.  Also, there are webcams that will keep you up to date with crowds and conditions.

Local Run Choices (Groomer Edition):

Beginner:  Why Not– Steamboats longest run at around 3 miles long.  A green circle that winds its way down from Thunderhead Lodge.  This run crosses many other trails so always remember to look uphill before advancing across.

Intermediate:  QuickDraw- A long blue square run cut between the Aspens.  This run sees less traffic due to it’s proximity to the more popular Tomahawk.

Advanced: West Side-  Crank up the speed and feel your cheeks hurt from the smile on your face as you break over the horizon line and see where your skis and gravity will be taking you.  Make sure you hit the hard right at the bottom!

For the thrill seekers: Rolex, a black diamond, is a long steep run that ensures your heart will be pounding at speed.  When you lay your skis over properly you can almost touch the ground with your shoulder before springing into the next turn!  MAKE SURE that Rolex has been recently groomed before bombing over the horizon line or your shoulders will be touching the ground, over and over and over… Ouch!


Off-slope Activity of the Week:  If you haven’t been to Strawberry Park Hot Springs you are missing out!

Restaraunt of the Week: A local favorite, Laundry.  Small plates with a great vibe, it is a perfect place to end up after some skiing and a trip to Strawberry Park Hot Springs.

Events to check out this week: Don’t miss Friday Night at Steamboat Resort.   Fun for the whole family and a great firework display.

Colorado Hot Springs

If you don’t have any idea where you’re going, you’ll probably end up there.” RIP Warren Miller.

Tree skiing Steamboat


Snow update 1/22/2018: “Good morning skiers and riders, it is a powder day in the Boat!” When you hear these magical words from the Steamboat Snow Report, the world’s distractions instantly vanish and are replaced by unmatched excitement. The snow faucet was turned on again for Steamboat Resort this past weekend with ten inches falling thru Monday morning, Jan 21st.  And what a soft Champagne Powder® it was that awaited our arrival Sunday morning.  Powder days are good days to purchase a First Tracks pass to hit the Sundown Express side of the mountain before the arrival of the local powder chasers.  However, a First Tracks pass is not necessary to go get fresh powder, you just ski a different portion of the mountain.  Get in line and wait for your gondola car to arrive to sweep you up to Mid Mountain.When arriving at the top of Thunderhead (Mid Mountain), we recommend a run down Rudies to warm up, Sunday offered fresh powder above the boot. The next lift to open is Four Points which starts spinning at 8:45 am.  From the top of Four Points, there are many options to get your powder hound on.  This is when you have truly arrived at the good stuff, the rest is just getting to this point.  Many of us chose a run down Cyclone and all were smiling like a five-year-old on Christmas day (or a 40-year-old, who’s counting?).

Tree Skiing

Powder, oh sweet powder how we have missed you (and it’s only been a week!). By the time you are done with this run, Storm Peak Express will be turning.  We recommend staying right here and ski until laps on Storm Peak Express, searching out the iconic Steamboat aspen tree skiing.  When the legs get sore, take a break in Four Points Lodge to treat yourself to some coffee and a killer burrito.  Don’t forget to drink plenty of water.

As the legs get tired, finish the day in the trees in classic Steamboat fashion, deep powder surrounded by aspen groves of the mellower Sundown and Sunshine area

We are looking forward to this week with some light snow for the early week and then some sunny days before another Storm returns just in time for the weekend.  If you’re here in Steamboat this week, you should be getting the best of all Steamboat worlds! The snow should be soft and silky underfoot all week, check out the grooming report before heading up.  Cyclone, West Side, and Rolex are super fun if you can be one of the first on the freshly groomed slopes.

Chairlift View
Local Tip:

If the gondola line is too big and you aren’t possessing a First Trax pass, do yourself a favor and use Christie Peak Express Lift and then ski over to Thunderhead lift to get up to Mid Mountain.

Local Run Choices:

Beginner:  Sundial to Tomahawk- A green circle that skirts the steeper part of Tomahawk, a wide open rolly ski run with fun options on each side of the trail.

Intermediate:  High Noon- A long wide open blue square run with stunning views.  Look for beginner tree skiing on the skiers left side.

Advanced: One O’clock trees-  Take a taste of Steamboat aspen tree skiing on either side of the blue square run.

For the thrill seekers:  Look for No Names, an extreme double black diamond, to open after the coming storm. Lil’ Rodeo and Rabbit Ears Terrain Park are open.


Off-slope Activity of the Week:  Take a hike up Emerald Mountain starting from Howelson Hill using Blackmere bike trail to reach the Quarry.

Restaraunt of the Week: Give The Paramount a try for some tasty sandwiches and a local happy hour experience.

Events to check out this week: Check out the fireworks at the base this Friday Night. Sooo cool watching the light explode over the ski slopes!

Torchlight Parade Steamboat

If It’s Snowing I’m Going”

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Looking For A Place To Rest Easy After a Long Ski Day?

Take a peek at our mountain lodging, the perfect location to lose yourself after a Steamboat powder day.

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