More Key Questions To Ask Vacation Rental Managers

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sblco-logo-icon-2Company Culture and Focus

It is important to find out what makes a company tick.  Finding out if a company has a team that enjoys working there is key.   If not, you’ll be introducing yourself often.



  • What is your company’s mission statement and values?
  • Tell us about your employee retention.
  • How would you describe your company culture, and what makes your company different from others in Steamboat?


sblco-logo-icon-2Property Mix and Guest Demographic

As an owner, you need to find a vacation rental company that focuses on guests that are looking for a property like yours, and who are encouraged to come back year after year.  For example, if a company relies on tour operators to bring the bulk of their visitors, they fill low-end condos, not luxury homes.



  • What type of property makes up the bulk of your inventory? Older condo complexes? Base area properties? Large luxury homes?  Please break down the mix.
  • Which travel market do you focus on? Weekenders, ski groups, out of state families?  Please break down your guest demographic and explain your process for growing repeat guests.
  • How do you reach out to your guests?  Please break down the percentage of guests you book directly, and the percentage that book through third-party operators.


sblco-logo-icon-2Guest Experience and Property Care

There are several companies popping up lately trying to get a piece of the vacation rental boom.  Ask pointed questions to be sure they have adequate staff in Steamboat ( not an office across the country) to give your property and your guests exceptional service.



  • Where is your company located and how do you staff for on the ground issues to be handled in a timely manner?
  • What is your check-in process and how do guests access my property?  With a key, lock box, or with an internet connected keyless entry lock that can be monitored?
  • What are your hours of operation? If guests call with an issue, what is your response time?
  • Are housekeeping, inspections and maintenance provided in-house, or do you contract out?  How is maintenance handled and charged, and what is the process for damage?
  • Please outline the quality of your linens and towels, and which guest supplies you provide.