Steamboat Springs Ski and Snowboard Rentals

Exclusive Rental Deals

We work exclusively with local ski rental shops to offer discounts to our guests.  Steamboat Ski & Bike Kare puts the customer first during the ski rental process.  They are committed to providing their customers with the best equipment possible to ensure a great ski trip.  Get rental boots that fit this winter from a local, family-owned ski shop.

Save 20% off your rental package when you stay with Steamboat Lodging Company.  Book online using the link below.


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Ski gear does not have to be uncomfortable and complicated.


Snow Family


We’ve heard lots of different descriptions about what it feels like to walk in ski boots, and “I feel like a robot” is by far the most common.  While ski boots are not the most comfortable footwear around, they should never cause you pain. We are experts at finding you the perfect fit for your family’s lodging needs and that’s why we only work with experts to find you the perfect fitting ski gear.

If you’ve never been skiing, it’s important to have someone show you the ropes on how to dress the part so you can feel that much more confident when hitting the slopes.  Our partners are the best around. They will take the time to discuss layering and materials that keep you comfortable.  They will talk about proper boot fit, what to expect, and all of the different varieties of skis and boards available for you to try.

Common Mistakes

  • Bringing Old Outdated Gear – Let our expert partners provide you with the proper fitting modern gear, this will ensure there are no surprises with gear malfunctions or comfort issues.  Ultimately you and your family will have a better time.
  • Layering Socks –  Despite what you may have been told, only wear one pair of wool ski socks inside your boot. This allows for maximum blood circulation to your feet, which equals warmth.  Putting on an extra pair of socks will NOT make your boot fit any better.
  • Dress Appropriately – If you wear jeans, you’ll likely find yourself wet and cold.  Save them for dinner time.
  • Safety First – We think this one is pretty self-explanatory. Do yourself a favor and wear a helmet. They require them for anyone in ski school.
  • No Goggles – Goggles aren’t just for keeping the snow out of your eyes anymore. Lens are so smart these days they help with visibility in all weather types and they keep you much warmer. Plus, they fit perfectly with a helmet!
  • Cotton is Rotten – Cotton against your skin will absorb moisture and make you cold all day. Look for synthetic and wool fabrics for warmth and comfort. There is an old saying in winter sports that we have found very valuable, “when the kids get cold, the day is over.”