5 Reasons to Hire A Documentary Photographer On Your Next Vacation

The Top 5 Reasons to Hire a Documentary Photographer on Your Next Vacation

Have you started to plan your Steamboat vacation?

Research shows that vacations have many benefits. Time off from work reduces stress, increases productivity and creativity, strengthens family bonds, and improves overall health. Research also shows that documenting family vacations has incredible benefits. More and more families are hiring documentary family photographers to capture their precious moments while they explore new and exciting places. Here are the top five reasons to document your Steamboat family get-away whether you are a family of three or an extended family of twenty-five enjoying your annual family reunion.


Have you ever noticed one person is always missing from the vacation photos because they are taking the photos? Not in this case! Everyone in the family can unplug, relax and be in the moment. No one will miss the good stuff and everyone will be in the pictures.

You can capture the real, heart-bursting, fleeting moments of your family vacation forever. Typically these moments are missed with the busy pace we all move during our vacations, so having someone to photograph those memories is invaluable.

Family photographs and displaying kids pictures improve your children’s self-esteem and show them a deep and unshakable sense of their place in the family. It’s true, a picture is worth a thousand words and much more! Research shows that displaying your children’s photos helps to boost their self-esteem and develop a positive self-image.

It’s super easy! There’s no frantic rush to get dressed into your “special picture” clothes, no time constraints, no fighting with the kids to get their hair brushed and best of all, you won’t have to ensure that everyone is in a great picture-taking mood. You can just enjoy your vacation and be yourselves.

Looking back on your family photographs and vacation memories strengthen family bonds and preserve your unique memories. The emotional benefits alone are worth it! Parents want to be able to share family photos as their children grow up and re-live the fun!

Steamboat offers numerous family activities during every season of the year. While you are planning your next great adventure, check out some of these fun family activities that can be documented and cherished spring, summer, fall or winter. Close your eyes and picture your family doing any of these exciting activities during your next vacation!

If you were to recall some of your favorite and long-lasting memories, we guarantee that they are of vacations you’ve taken over the years. These special times are irreplaceable. Make sure you plan on documenting your vacation to Steamboat. Your kids will thank you!


Let us introduce you to Casie Zalud, a documentary family photographer from Boulder, CO who has a passion for photographing the real, nitty-gritty, heart-bursting moments of life. During her vacation sessions, she stays with families for a day or more and photographs everything from the kids eating breakfast in their pajamas, to fly fishing on the Yampa River, swimming at the Old Town Hot Springs, family barbeque dinners on the deck of your vacation home, or the long-awaited first day on the slopes for your youngest one.

Casie loves her work.  “I want to help kids embrace their curiosities, build their self-esteem and help them realize their important place in the family. There are so many pressures on kids and parents to think they need to be perfect. I show them they can just be themselves.” Casie’s photographs tell the story and paint the picture of family life, self-discovery, and life-giving relationships.  Dad showing his daughter how to cast a fishing pole, mom hoisting her son onto a paddleboard for the first time, sister’s skiing together on their favorite trail, kids launching off moguls and the wee-one of the family riding the magic carpet in the beginner area for the first time can all be captured and shared for years to come.

To learn more about documentary family photography and see more of Casie’s amazing work, check her out HERE.

(All photos courtesy of Casie Zalud)