Guestimonial – Father and Son Take On The ‘Boat Downtown

Phillip and his son, Nolan, stayed with us on their eight-day ski trip in Steamboat Springs.  Phillip recounts how staying downtown helped make it the “best trip ever!”


I knew the eight-day ski vacation to Steamboat Springs with my 10-year-old son would be memorable for the both of us.

Still, after months of planning, there was one nagging thought in the back of my mind: How would we fill all that time off the mountain (eight days!). For us, skiing is a no-brainer. We have fun no matter where we are. But the trick was in finding things to do off the mountain for a somewhat fickle 10-year-old who has strong opinions about what makes for a good time.

I didn’t over think it. Or, should I say: In my busy life, I didn’t have time to over think it. I decided the best thing to do was book a place downtown, and made the ideal find in Alpenglow, a spacious, beautifully designed condo in the thick of things.

Staying at Alpenglow put us within walking distance to everything – good restaurants, pizza shops (perfect for a 10-year-old), the most amazing and unique candy stores we’ve ever seen, a souvenir shop with an arcade in the back, and even a drug store with an old-fashioned soda fountain. There was an organic grocery store within walking distance, so I could go car-free. And of course, the old-town hot springs (with a water slide for the boy and a soak for me) were blocks away.   

Yes, the skiing was the central focus of the trip. And we were reminded of that each time we stepped out the front door of the condo and were treated with a view of the mountain. The thing to remember when staying downtown: The free shuttle is steps away; it runs every 10 minutes; and it beats driving and dealing with parking.

Another perk: Until we arrived, I didn’t realize what a luxury it would be to store all our gear in the private locker near the base of the gondola (this is included with a stay at Alpenglow). So, our short trips to the mountain were not dominated by schlepping gear, but on talking about which trails we’d ski that day.

Near the end of the trip, after a long day on the mountain, we walked over to the arcade. My son was quiet.I knew he was probably just worn out from our laps on the Sunshine Express chair. But I wanted to make sure.

“Has this been a fun trip for you?” I asked.

“Best trip ever, Dad.”

Yes, memorable for the both of us indeed.

Steamboat Springs Downtown