Top Ski Trails To Explore At Steamboat Resort

There are 165+ named trails at Steamboat Resort, and almost an endless number of unnamed skiable glades in addition to all those runs. The nearly 3000+ acres of inbounds terrain can provide fun and adventure for skiers of all abilities and disciplines. But for someone who isn’t familiar with the mountain, knowing where to start with that many options can be a daunting task.

At Steamboat Lodging Company, we live and play right here in Steamboat and have seen just about every inch of the mountain. We’ve compiled a list of some of the best runs at the resort and have picked our 3 favorites for each level of difficulty. Read on to learn more!

Local’s Tip: Check out the new ’23/24 Steamboat Resort Trail Map!


Swinger -This perfectly sloped green run is one of the most looked over trails on the whole mountain. As you ski down Yoo Hoo on the way to the base of the Thunderhead Express Lift, Swinger is on your left. This run can be perfect for skiers who are looking for a wide-open run to practice big, smooth turns on a mellow pitch. It is also a great option for avoiding the crowds on Right-o-Way at the end of the day.

Tomahawk – This trail is a favorite with the kiddos. An extremely wide green run with consistent undulations all the way down provides a fun experience for the whole family. It is located on the sun facing side of the mountain, so it’s a great place to hang out days where other parts of the resort are getting icy. Disclaimer: The natural undulations of Tomahawk can prove to be a bit difficult for some novice snowboarders who don’t have practice maintaining speed through flatter areas.

Broadway – This green run is the perfect way down to the Elkhead Express Lift for beginners after a pit stop at the Rendezvous Lodge. It has a consistent, mellow slope and is a great way to ease back into the skiing after a heavy lunch or a beer at the lodge. Local tip: This run also has a nice little bonus for skiers that packed their own snacks. At the first sharp turn of the run, stop off to the left and hang out at the picnic table for a lunch with a stunning view of the valley.


Longhorn – Accessed via the Pony Express lift, this blue/black trail is a blast in any condition. On a groomed day, the lightly trafficked run provides an excellent opportunity to lay down some deep carves and turn up the speed dial. On a powder day many people forget about Longhorn, and this run is a great spot to catch some fresh turns later in the day when many of the more heavily trafficked runs have been tracked out.

Two O’ Clock/Daybreak – This run, or rather a combination of two runs, offers a little something for everyone. Skiing from the top of the Sundown Lift, it’s a long trail that can really work the legs and have the heart pumping by the time you get back to the lift. You can find groomed terrain, moguls, and even a few fun opportunities for some jumping if there are members of your group inclined to get airborne.

Moonlight  – This unique trail is a great way to get from the North side of the resort to the south side, or the “Sunny Side” as the locals call it. Despite its central location, it is often quiet and tends to hold lots of soft snow. It has a consistent slope and a fun naturally formed sidewall on the right side that is very popular to play on for youngsters and fans of jibbing. 


Shadows/Closets –  This area is often touted as the best tree run on the mountain, and many would go as far as saying that on a powder day it’s the best tree skiing in Colorado. An ideal pitch, perfectly spaced aspens and pines, and simply the massive size are all reasons it’s so popular for tree skiers. Pro tip: Get here early, there’s no secret about how great this area is.  It’s the first stop for many skiers on a powder day and gets tracked out quickly.

Royal Flush – Accessed via the Pony Express Lift, this run is lightly trafficked and provides skilled skiers an opportunity to demonstrate their prowess on a raw trail that is steep and ungroomed. You can dip into the aspen glades on either side of the run for a change of pace and if you get the opportunity to take a break and look around, the valley views are pretty stunning from this part of the resort.

White Out – This trail can best be described as “hiding in plain sight”. Despite the easy access from the tops of the Burgess Creek and Elkhead Express lifts, it’s not uncommon to be the only skier on the entire run. This run is shaded all day, so the snow stays soft for days after a storm and the moguls that inevitably form early each season provide an experienced skier an exhilarating ride.

Bonus: Extreme/Experts Only

No Names – Often talked about as the “best of the best” in Steamboat for skiers looking for the “steeps and deeps”, this run is not for the faint of heart. It requires a hike from the top of the Morningside Lift, but it’s worth every step. Be prepared for anything, including rocks, unmarked cliffs, and other variable conditions that can make this run treacherous for even a seasoned expert. But fortune favors the bold…catching No Names early on a powder day has the potential to give you the turns of a lifetime!

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