The Range Food & Drink Hall At Steamboat Resort

Adjacent to Skeeter’s Ice Rink and with stunning views of Steamboat Resort, The Range Food & Drink Hall has the feel of an indoor/outdoor lunch and après lounge with a bar on each of the two levels, along with a fittingly wide range of cuisine options to meet everyone’s palate. Now open as of summer 2023, this base area hot spot has something for everyone in your group!

Aptly named, The Range features four different dining options for guests at Steamboat Resort. Twister Tacos serves street-style tacos, Sunshine Bowl will warm your soul with a variety of ramen bowls, Pioneer Pies will feature pizza, a ski area must-have, and Why Not Sandwich Shop offers fresh salads and sandwiches. If you are familiar with Steamboat Ski Area, you will notice the clever tie-in with the names of each dining option, named after several trails and areas across the resort.

The Range Food & Drink Hall
Located in Steamboat Square

Hours of Operation:
Open Daily: 11am – 8pm


The newest addition to the base area, The Range Food & Drink Hall is two stories offering four food hall vendors including Pioneer Pie, Why Not Sandwich Shop, Sunshine Bowl Ramen and Twister Tacos. Each floor has a dedicated bar with unique craft cocktails and local beers. The Range offers both indoor and outdoor seating.

The Range also offers guests three different ways of cashless dining. On the first floor, guests can scan the QR code from any seat, and order and pay with a phone and then collect their items from the appropriate window. Guests also have the option to use one of the ordering kiosks next to the Pioneer Pie window, pay at the kiosk and then pick up the order when it has been completed. With either option, guests will be contacted by text when the order is complete.

The second floor will offer full-service dining, and a host will seat guests with menus and a waitstaff member will take the guest’s order, as well as serve food at the table. In all ordering scenarios, guests are reminded that each “outlet” operates independently and therefore food items may be done at different times. Currently, pass-holder discounts and Steamboat gift cards currently are not available for use at The Range Food & Drink Hall.

As always, our local vacation planners have their fingers on the pulse of Steamboat Springs, so check back in soon for upcoming events, news and entertainment in The Boat.